Spiritual Direction

People who have faith in life are like swimmers who entrust themselves to a rushing river. They neither abandon themselves to its current nor try to resist it. Rather, they adjust their every movement to the watercourse, use it with purpose and skill, and enjoy the adventure.

-David Steindl-Rast


What is Spiritual Direction?

At significant life transitions no matter your faith tradition or spiritual background, you may feel a pull to new perspectives. Your older ways no longer seem to fit. Or something deeper draws you. At those points, when you allow big questions to emerge, when you inquire into your longing, it can be both exciting and disconcerting. 

A spiritual director can provide gentle strength and safe haven, with no agenda as to outcome. Such a spiritual companion can be a trustworthy friend, and guide to the inner process while you trace the wisdom of Spirit's leading into the spiritual depths and living a more fully human experience.


What Does the Process Look Like?

Traditionally, we sit one-on-one for 50 minutes. Together we'll explore what might best support you for your tender process. We will use a variety of tools and methods such as meditation, poetry, conversation, inquiry. We gently explore, inquire, and notice. We invite whatever feels most alive for you. We find your path to the sacred space where, as Walter Burghardt, S.J. says, we "take a long loving look at the real."



Q: How often will we meet?

A: It's suggested to meet at least once a month to allow continuity of the thread of your unfolding journey. We can to meet more frequently as needed and  can meet in person or via teleconference.

Q: What if I'm not very religious? 

A:  With what language, names, structures are you most familiar? We begin there and use a variety of tools to match your particular understanding. There are so many ways True Nature shows and shines through us. So many facets of the Divine Mystery draw our Soul. Let's simply begin. 

"No matter where you find yourself, you are tethered to the Real."  ~A.H.Almaas 

Q: What kind of practices will we use?

A:  We can use meditation, poetry, conversation, inquiry, prayer, scripture, music, art, ritual, or even a walk in a natural setting. What practices are you already using? So many beautiful pathways to travel.

Q:I feel both drawn to the inner world and hesitant at the same time...how can I feel assured?

A: We work together cultivating curiosity with no agenda. We trace and honor what seems to want attention in the present moment, trusting Spirit's wisdom in direction, flow, and pacing. There is safety and compassion and tenderness all along the way. Sometimes you'll experience pauses or circling around to what seems like familiar territory...but it will always be gentle and respectful of your particular unfolding journey. Freedom. Spaciousness. Tenderness. Real Presence.